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Tone From The Top: Fresh Data Privacy Perspectives and Insights From ADI's CEO David R. Hardoon and Other Top CEOs

Data privacy is a foremost concern that stakeholders need to address in today's digital age, where data-sharing is as likely to land companies in legal ramifications as it is to drive business growth. In this context, David R. Hardoon, CEO of Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), along with other esteemed CEOs such as Eugene Acevedo, President and CEO, RCBC, Amit Jagga, Country Head, Concentrix Philippines, and Kevin Sheperdson, CEO, Straits Interactive (Singapore), offer a fresh perspective on the importance of prioritizing data privacy during a discussion session at the National Data Privacy Awareness Week Conference 2023.



This panel discussion titled "Data Privacy Tone from the Top" highlights how regulations and technology are evolving rapidly and emphasizes why organizations must prioritize this crucial topic. The thought-provoking views from the leaders shed light on the challenges businesses face when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information and protecting their customers' privacy rights. It was an incredible opportunity for individuals who wanted to learn more about data privacy concerns in today's business world. We have curated the latest highlights of this informative discussion so you can stay informed about this pressing issue affecting all industries globally.

Indeed, data privacy is a crucial aspect of any organization, yet it is often undertaken from a compliance standpoint which enforces rules and regulations through a ham-fisted approach. However, David offered a different perspective on looking at data privacy and data protection in an organization. He emphasized that having robust privacy and data governance programs can enable businesses to achieve their goals while building trust and reputation.

Through this approach, key benefits such as enabling data-driven insights, innovation, competitive advantage, operational efficiency, and stakeholders' confidence. Additionally, risks mitigation and cost-savings are significant gains that result from implementing strong data privacy measures.

During the session, David provided a unique viewpoint on how to approach data privacy and protection within an organization. At ADI, we strongly value the importance of data privacy and have implemented this approach to our advantage. By prioritizing data privacy, we have been able to protect sensitive information, increase efficiency, make better decisions, mitigate risks, and save costs.

As a CEO who understands the importance of data privacy and protection policies in today's world where information is power; David empowers DPOs by including them in business objectives which ensures they align with overall strategic goals of the company. By adopting this approach toward safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized access or theft - companies not only comply with legal requirements but also reap significant benefits for themselves!

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